Never Say NEVER

Well, hello.  This is my first blog entry and I thought I’d let you know how I ended up here.
I have been teaching for 22 years, mostly first grade.  I love what I do and have found teaching to be a very rewarding career.  Around four years ago I found a wonderful little site called Teachers Pay Teachers.  WHOA BABY!  Did I hit a gold mine of ideas!  I became a TPT junkie.  I was constantly looking for new lessons, ideas, and activities on the site (and spending a lot of money).  I became an unofficial spokesperson about TPT to whoever I could get to listen (yes, I did become a TPT “pusher” and actually got several others addicted to my addiction).  People would always ask me, “Are you going to open a store?”.  My response was always – NO WAY!  I’d NEVER do that!  I’d rather spend $5 on something that someone else made than a million hours (ok- I do tend to exaggerate) on making something for my class.  I mean, why spend the time if someone else has done the work???   My computer is filled with awesome activities, lessons, and craftivities (I learned this new word from shopping on TPT).   Flash forward to June 2014.  I happened to notice a little blurb on Facebook about an awesome seller offering a tutorial class on how to create items for your own classroom use or to sell on TPT.  I immediately dismissed the ideas and clicked on looking through Facebook.  For some reason, that little idea came up in my mind several times that day.  My thought would always be- no, it takes too much time.  Finally sometime that evening, I mentioned it to my husband.  He thought it sounded like a great idea. So, I signed on “just to learn how to make stuff for my classroom”.  Haha, within 2 weeks I had a store opened on TPT.  Since then I have been using just about every spare moment working on products for my classroom and store.  I’ve been able to share my creations with the other first grade teachers in my district.  Good times.  But this is all I need. 

I thought. 

I had been asked if I was going to start a blog.  Nope.  No way. NEVER.  I could never be funny & entertaining like my blogging idol The Teeny Tiny Teacher or post all the great ideas I see on Turnstall’s Teaching Tidbits blog.  Nope, not me.  Fast forward to February 2015. I saw a Facebook post about an actual blog give away on A Little Peace of Africa’s Facebook page (hmmm- do we see a theme here- addiction to TPT and Facebook)? I looked at the blog and thought- “How adorable!  Looks just like something I’d choose IF I was to ever have a blog.”.   Well, I won the blog contest!  So here I am!  I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m sure it’ll all be as rewarding as opening a TPT store has been!

The moral of this story?  Never say NEVER!

So, I invite you to start this adventure with me.  I have no idea where it’ll take me.  I have one follower right now on bloglovin- Me.  I might be up to two followers tonight, if I can convince my husband to follow.

As a side note, Laine has been absolutely wonderful to work with and I’d highly recommend her if you’re looking to start a blog or redo an existing one. 


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