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T-shirt nerd definition: (n) 1. a person who owns far too many teacher t-shirts  2.  The Chocolate Teacher

Ok- I just gave away a big secret of mine- I am a t-shirt nerd.  I am a sucker for a teacher t-shirt and I wear them proudly (don't tell my grown children- they'd be mortified).  

Several years ago I discovered a company Teacher Shirts. Com  I found this wonderful company because I won a contest to receive a free shirt of my choice.   I promptly ordered my first t-shirt and proudly wore it.  I truly was the envy of the other teachers with my bedazzled shirt.  

I really liked that I could get a t-shirt specific to my grade! 

Since then I've been back, mmmm let's just say a few times.

See- I told you I was a t-shirt nerd!

I love all of my shirts.  I always get comments where I wear them to school.  My favorite is probably the First Grade Rocks one- I always wear that at the beginning of the year!

I can spend a long time browsing through their t-shirts when I visit their site.   I love that I can choose my favorite colors for my t-shirts (hello pink & purple!).  I also like that I can buy ladies sizes & there are even a lot of other different styles available!

How cute are these?
They have lots of other shirts of course, I'm just showing you these because I'm a first grade teacher!!!

I am super excited to be attending the I Teach 1st conference next week in Las Vegas.  I think I'll wear my Welcome to Fabulous First Grade shirt (again- do.not.tell. my.children).
I was also so fortunate to get a custom made (I didn't even know they did that!!!) t-shirt with a logo from my TpT store/Blog from  A Plus Images (same company).  I am pumped that I'll have this to wear at the TpT conference next week.

They had a lot of color choices and a choice of styles (ladies/unisex).  I was super happy to be able to get it in hot pink (it looks red in the pic- but it's a perfect shade of pink)! Isn't it cute????

If you are interested in t-shirts- you can click the links above (the company names).  You can also follow A Plus Images at these different social media sites

Won't you join me in being a t-shirt nerd???


TpT Seller Challenge #2

Hello!  I'm back for my second week of the seller challenge hosted by these gals

Sparkling in Second

Peppy Zesty Teacherista

This week we are to dare to dream about what we'd like to get out of our TpT experience.

I've written before that I bought products for quite a few years on TpT before I ever opened my own store.  Let's face it- it's expensive to create materials (hello cute clip art & fonts) and VERY time consuming.  When I finally created a product worth listing on TpT, I was hooked.  I love being able to create products that are useful to my first grade team.  I make what I like to use in my classroom or something the other teachers think would be useful.
There is something very satisfying about seeing the little copyright ©thechocolateteacher at the bottom of pages I'm using in my classroom!  This is extremely motivating to me!  I also like the feedback I receive about how useful a product was to another teacher.  It never gets old!!!
Oh- an added perk is that I can buy all the adorable clipart I want now, because I actually am using it!

Another thing I hope to do is save money towards another home.  I am currently saving 50% of what I make towards a new house.  It's not a huge amount yet- but it's fun to watch it grow little by little.

I am not a fan of debt.  I pretty much don't carry little debts month to month- but we do have a house payment and student loans (my husband went back to school 5 years ago).  My dream is to live debt free!  I'm pretty good about chiseling away on these big debts each month with our paychecks (I try to pay extra- I hate paying for interest!).  I am looking at retiring in 5-7 years and my dream is to have no debt when I retire!  I don't think a teacher's retirement is the biggest and I don't want to have to live watching every single penny when I retire.  

My husband and I have taken several mission trips- what a wonderful experience!  We have also met some wonderful missionaries that are in the position of having to raise their own support.  TpT has provided the means to increase what we've already been giving to missions.  It's a great feeling to be able to partner with someone to help them accomplish their call! 

  I hope you're finding fulfillment in pursuing whatever your dream is!  I know my TpT experience has been a way to help me fulfill mine! 


TpT Seller Challenge #1

Hi There!  I hope everyone is getting a lot of rest and relaxation so far this summer!  I have enjoyed not having to follow a set schedule AND getting to be a tiny bit spontaneous (this is not really my personality trait).

I have linked up with about a zillion (ok I exaggerate) other sellers to do a TpT Seller Challenge each week for 4 weeks.  Our challenge this first week was to redo a product of ours.  I knew right away which product I'd redo.  I redid my Plural Noun1 unit.  In the spring I created a second plural noun unit (one that covered spelling changes and adding -es).  I totally loved that unit.  After making it when I'd look at the first unit, I'd cringe inside.  I knew I needed to add to it and redo the cover.  Well, today was that day!

So- here it is!  I'm much happier with this cover, but I'm even happier with the extra activities I added.  You can see the unit here (it's on sale for 50% until Friday 6/19).  

If you're interested in my second plural noun unit- you can see that here:

I thought I'd sneak in a pic of my adorable granddaughter (and me).  She's a gymnast and I had the pleasure of visiting her new gym on Monday.

Have a great summer!


Pool Party Blog Hop

Who doesn't love a celebration?  Now that I'm out of school for the summer, I'm ready for all kinds of fun.  I'm helping Celeste over at The Education Highway celebrate her birthday.  But guess what?  You'll be the ones getting some goodies.  There are also 3 contests to enter & chances to win lots of prizes!
My store is on sale June 8th and 9th!   Check it out here:  The Chocolate Teacher

I have so many products I love to use at school!  After teaching 22 years, I've narrowed down what I really like to use.  I wrote my first DonorsChoose grant a little over a year ago.  One of the items I got with the grant  were Giant Magnetic Place Value Blocks.  I love these!  I keep tens and ones on my board at all times and use them constantly to demonstrate place value, for comparing numbers, to show one more, one less, etc.  They are great!  

Last year I also discovered the Papermate Inkjoy pens.  These are my new go-to pen!  They come in loads of colors, but I tend to use my 2 favorite colors- pink & purple!  They are soooo smooth to write with.  I also love the Flair pens, but the Inkjoy win out for me!  

Another product I love are clip magnets.  I buy a new set every year, so my collection is growing!  Well, I do tend to lose some or they break (I don't want you to picture me as a hoarder with 100 magnets)!  I usually buy them at Lakeshore, but couldn't find them online.  Here are what I'm talking about from Amazon.

I use these a lot.  I daily use them to hang anchor charts up on my front whiteboard where the kids are sure to be able to view them. I hang notes on my metal doors where they'll remind me who's changing their home-from-school  routine that day.  I have them all around my room!  
There are so many uses.  I love them!

Here is one of my newer freebies I made right before school got out.  If you're teaching summer school, this would be a fun game to get your kids up and moving.  My class loves to scoot or write the room!  This activity keeps them engaged and moving.  A win-win!

Here's the link (check out my other freebies while you're at my store).

Giveaway time!  

There are 3 giveaways going on.  On giveway #2  I am giving away one $10 winner's choice.  If you win, you choose $10 worth of products from my store!  Rafflecopters are below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Celeste put together an ebook of all the contributors with links to each of them.  Check them out- you may find some new sellers you really like!
You can click the picture to be taken to a download of the book.
Let's continue this party!

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