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T-shirt Nerd

T-shirt nerd definition: (n) 1. a person who owns far too many teacher t-shirts  2.  The Chocolate Teacher

Ok- I just gave away a big secret of mine- I am a t-shirt nerd.  I am a sucker for a teacher t-shirt and I wear them proudly (don't tell my grown children- they'd be mortified).  

Several years ago I discovered a company Teacher Shirts. Com  I found this wonderful company because I won a contest to receive a free shirt of my choice.   I promptly ordered my first t-shirt and proudly wore it.  I truly was the envy of the other teachers with my bedazzled shirt.  

I really liked that I could get a t-shirt specific to my grade! 

Since then I've been back, mmmm let's just say a few times.

See- I told you I was a t-shirt nerd!

I love all of my shirts.  I always get comments where I wear them to school.  My favorite is probably the First Grade Rocks one- I always wear that at the beginning of the year!

I can spend a long time browsing through their t-shirts when I visit their site.   I love that I can choose my favorite colors for my t-shirts (hello pink & purple!).  I also like that I can buy ladies sizes & there are even a lot of other different styles available!

How cute are these?
They have lots of other shirts of course, I'm just showing you these because I'm a first grade teacher!!!

I am super excited to be attending the I Teach 1st conference next week in Las Vegas.  I think I'll wear my Welcome to Fabulous First Grade shirt (again- do.not.tell. my.children).
I was also so fortunate to get a custom made (I didn't even know they did that!!!) t-shirt with a logo from my TpT store/Blog from  A Plus Images (same company).  I am pumped that I'll have this to wear at the TpT conference next week.

They had a lot of color choices and a choice of styles (ladies/unisex).  I was super happy to be able to get it in hot pink (it looks red in the pic- but it's a perfect shade of pink)! Isn't it cute????

If you are interested in t-shirts- you can click the links above (the company names).  You can also follow A Plus Images at these different social media sites

Won't you join me in being a t-shirt nerd???


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